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M R Mortimer Science Fiction Author

I am a writer of Science Fiction.

OK, so here is a brief bibliographical post.

For those wanting to know who the hell this M R Mortimer guy is, I am an Australian writer of Science Fiction. I have written the following:


Suspended Earth - a cyberpunk novel, first conceived way back in 1989 and completed in the ensuing years, it then sat in a draw for nearly two decades before being dusted off and released. Nearly the entire human race is held within VR worlds, until one day Daniel is forcibly removed. As he struggles to solve his own mysterious situation, inside, his girlfriend is left to figure it out for herself. This story is their struggle to save humanity.


Starlight - set a century after Suspended Earth, this is a stand alone story that follows the life of an orphaned girl, as she struggles to find justice for her mother's murder. Dickensian orphanages run by the evil Starfall Industries, and the mysterious organisation Longarm all stand against her efforts to one day fly through space like her mother had done.


Dance of Nevermind - a story of disaster and survival for a new colony on an alien world. Sometimes, paradise is not what it seems. And when it turns nasty, death is not far behind.


When History Fractures, Heroes Rise: A collection of short stories. - As the title says, shorts. Some SF, some Fantasy.


Shades of Farthrow - A long forgotten colony world has devolved to a feudal society. However, some of the ancient technology remains, in the hands of a secretive, mysterious group that remains separated from the rest of the population. Kevin must join them, and work to restore mankind's legacy.


Armada's Disciple - A sequel to Starlight, but a stand alone story. Starlight and her friends are sent to investigate a mysterious derelict, which has been planted in such a way to spark war between humanity, and the rest of the Federated Species Council members. Who put it there and why? What really happened to the people on board? Our heroes must find out who their enemy is, and why, in order to stop them before it is too late for Earth!


Longarm Severed - Theodore Longarm is in prison. A virtual world called Claustrum Mundus, in which all the worst of humanity are locked away. He was a murderer, a terrorist, and a smuggler. He knows that much. But the rest of his memories are gone, and he must struggle to learn who he was, before he can begin to understand who he is, and how much of himself is real, and how much has been created by the "system" which controls his world.


Works in progress:

Children of Nevermind

The Naradhan Trilogy