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M R Mortimer Science Fiction Author

I am a writer of Science Fiction.

Here we are

I have just signed up to Booklikes.com.


I do not know how much I will use it, but I can honestly tell you that if you want to see daily or weekly blog posts on here, forget it! I figure honesty is the best policy. I rarely post on my own site, due to real life having important things going on all the time. I'd rather not wind up single by spending all my time across all the various sites like this one, so I will not be incredibly active. My real life partner is too important.


That being said, I will have a look around, and if this site catches my interest, I will probably use it occasionally. If not, I may return sporadically, but not to any set time table.


In the mean time, I'm off to look around. Perhaps we will bump into each other. If so, don't be afraid to stop for a chat or ask any questions you may have about my work. If not, well, maybe one day.


Wishing you all the best,

M R Mortimer.